Who or what enables your courage?

Reflection questions for you

One of my greatest enablers of courage is my mum.  Throughout my life, at the various crossroads that I have encountered, my mum has been the person who has encouraged me to be authentic, to act on my values and to be courageous.  I am grateful for the path she has clearly shown me.

When I require courage, I recall the many conversations and experiences that she and I have had, and the outcomes of these on my ability and willingness to be courageous; on the worthwhile impacts of my subsequent courageous acts.

1. Who enables your courage? 

Identify one person who enables your courage.  What is it about this person and about you that leads you to act courageously?  What attributes and qualities do they have that encourage and support you?  What attributes and qualities do they inspire in you?



Additionally, this image reminds me that “we all have courage within; we just need a light shone on it.”

This image is on my desk and reminds me of courage everyday – often motivating me to make that phone call to a potential new client; persuading me to share my thoughts and ideas with you; encouraging me to challenge the status quo.


2. What enables your courage?

What image or object reminds you of courage?  How can you use this image to encourage you every day?  How can you use this image or object more, in order to act courageously as needed?