Dare to Discover: Leading with Courage in the Lucky Country, a Perspective on Australian Organisations

Here, I share data from insium’s Workplace Courage Questionnaire.  This session focused on workplace situations associated with Authentic Self


My Courageous Self

This is my welcome message to the students who will be participating in the Psicología Positiva Perú: Instituto de Bienestar program, where we will be exploring courage together.

Leading with Courage

This video provides an overview of our program, “Leading with Courage.”  We submitted this video to the IPPA 5th World Congress of Positive Psychology, leading me to launch “Leading with Courage” at the conference to a panel to experts in positive psychology, leadership and business.


Strengths – My Best Self

Working with strengths enables us to reach our potential and be our best self.  This video outlines the difference between strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses, and provides a few tips to work to your strengths.

A few videos that have inspired us:

A few presentation slides for you: