Courageous Communities

From the birth of the minimum wage, to the Mabo campaign for Indigenous land rights and recent actions by Qantas in support of same sex marriage, Australia has a reputation for leading with courage.


To maintain this reputation, Australia must grow its courage reserves.

insium has developed a unique national program to grow Australia’s courage reserves to help give Australians the courage we need to tackle some of the biggest issues facing the world.

National courage program

Our community leaders play a vital role in solving social issues, and this national courage program gives ten not-for-profit leaders the courage they need to continue tackling these significant social issues. In addition to helping these not-for-profit leaders grow their courage reserves, it will also grow our national courage reserves by providing inspiration for employees of partner organisations, community members of the not-for-profit organisations participating in the program, and Australians more broadly.

To build Australia’s courage reserves, the community program includes:

  • An intensive Leading with Courage program for 10 not-for-profit leaders
  • Stories and lessons from their participation shared with Australia
  • National courage survey
  • The Courage Summit

Download the Leading with Courage for Community Organisations Overview

Partnership opportunities

Give Australia the courage to lead by helping put 10 not-for-profit leaders through this innovative program.

Contact us for more information about the partnership opportunities available.