Dare to Discover: Courage in the Lucky Country – a Perspective on Australian Organisations

Authentic Self

Earlier today, insium held its first “Dare to Discover” Zoom presentation, where we shared data from insium’s Workplace Courage Questionnaire. This session focused on workplace situations associated with Authentic Self.

In brief; the data revealed 3 paradoxes:

  1. Whilst 9 in 10 people state that they are willing to be authentic, only 5 in 10 are willing to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is the source of authenticity.
  2. 8 in 10 people are willing to be true to their personal values and yet only 6 in 10 people are willing to maintain balance when conflicting priorities get in the way. Living our values help us understand our balance or imbalance.
  3. 8 in 10 people say that are willing to share their strengths with others … but are they? Australia is known for its egalitarian culture, one that “cuts the tall poppy down” just to remind you to be humble and modest.

You can find the full report here and a recording of the meeting here.

Thank you to all who participated.

Remember: the difference between knowing and doing is courage.

We dare you …
Dina & Geoff

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