Leading with Courage is a series of programs designed by Australian leadership consultant Dina Pozzo to build Australia’s courage reserves in organisations and communities.

Speakers at the 5th World Congress of Positive Psychology

The first Leading with Courage program was launched at the 5th World Congress of Positive Psychology in Montreal in July 2017.

Dina Pozzo

Dina’s purpose is to open doors;  she invites you to courageously step through these doorways with her and explore and honour what is on the other side.

DInaWith more than twenty years’ experience in learning and organisational development both locally and internationally, Dina is a highly skilled facilitator and coach. Having recently completed a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne her keen interest in building the courage reserves of our leaders has been piqued.

Her natural enthusiasm and ability to quickly build relationships creates a shared learning journey of curiosity and discovery, challenge and encouragement.  Whether through workshops or coaching, Dina’s ultimate aim is to broaden minds and build skills, capability and confidence – empowering the individual to implement successful plans of action for sustainability and to have positive impact on organisational goals.

Dina has a passion for positive, generative approaches to leadership development, resulting in transformational shifts in performance and wellbeing for individuals, teams and organisations.

She prides herself on her client-centric approach, building and sustaining partnerships by working closely with clients to define and deliver on organisational priorities and strategies.  Dina has worked with senior and executive business leaders, people managers, professionals and teams, and continues to partner with industries such as banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, entertainment, engineering, biotechnology, hospitality, FMCG, manufacturing and not-for-profit.


Established in 2005, insium, named after the Italian verb “to dream”, conveys the ideas of hope, vision and inspiration; of wisdom and learning; and also of sharing stories, experiences and ideas. insium has succeeded in building strong and collaborative partnerships with its clients; working closely with them to clearly define and deliver on organisational priorities and strategies.

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