2020 Courage Conference Wrap-up

More than 60 people participated in #CourageMonth2020 in which Vanessa O’Hanlon led conversations about courage with 6 women in healthcare, business, community, sport, media and fashion.

My favourite quotes from these conversations include:

  • Michelle Lock:  “It took every ounce of courage not to react.”
  • Lisa Gray:  “Good leadership cannot exist without courage.”
  • Danya Sterling“It is ok to be scared and courageous.”
  • Lisa Alexander“I gave my students and teams the tools to be the best they could be.”
  • Emily Angwin:  “Staying true to self builds courage.”
  • Arlinda McIntosh“It’s just what I do (in response to courage being identified in her actions).
The #CourageMonth2020 Team

Videos of the each of these conversations follow:

  • Pharmaceutical executive Michelle Lock and VFMC CEO Lisa Gray talk to Vanessa O’Hanlon about the courage they have required in their careers, while I explore what others can learn from these lessons in courage here.
  • Leading coach Lisa Alexander and the Education Manager from the Big Issue Danya Sterling join Vanessa O’Hanlon and I on the Courage Couch here.
  • Journalist Emily Angwin and fashion designer Arlinda McIntosh share their stories of courage on the Courage Couch with Vanessa O’Hanlon and I here.

Additionally, I worked with a group of participants to introduce Brené Brown’s
Dare To Lead program; in this workshop, participants identified their call to courage for 2021.

Most importantly, thank you to Vanessa, our courageous host; to all of our courageous story tellers; and to Jack & Geoff, our courageous behind-the-scenes-this-could-not-have-taken-place-without-them team.  And to all of you who joined us, thank you.

What a month! Courage certainly is contagious!

Be the courage you want to see in the world (apologies to Gandhi),