Courageous Organisations

Leading with Courage is a unique program, designed and delivered by Australian leadership consultant Dina Pozzo, to build the courage reserves of senior and executive leaders.

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Why leading with courage?

In these times of disruption and tension, positive forms of leadership – namely, authentic leadership – are needed to restore confidence, hope and optimism in leaders and associates.  However, with a competitive marketplace, competing stakeholder expectations and destructive organisational politics in which authentic leadership may not be supported, courage is fundamental to leading authentically.

There are demonstrated business benefits of increased courage and authentic leadership.  With courage; leaders perform better, business results are improved and organisational integrity is ensured.  Authentic leadership has resulted in elevated, sustained performance of the leader and associates.  And with evidence linking courage and authentic leadership to wellbeing, we can expect additional positive impact on the workplace wellbeing of our leaders with further impact on organisational success.

Who would benefit from Leading with Courage?

The program is designed for senior and executive leaders. Ideally, the program would be delivered for an entire leadership team, allowing them to support each other and grow the organisation’s courage.

The program will benefit leaders who want to:

  • Increase accountability and goal attainment to strengthen organisation performance
  • Positively shape workplace culture through their courageous leadership
  • Increase self-confidence and improve performance
  • Create positive workplace energy and increase hope, confidence and optimism in others
  • Be well and positively impact the wellbeing of others
  • Inspire others to act with moral courage

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