My Courageous Self … in Peru!

I had the great pleasure of working with Pamela Nuñez del Prado and her students on the weekend, “in Peru.”  Via Skype and with Pamela as translator, I worked with 17 participants, exploring “My Courageous Self.”  Participants included psychologists, HR practitioners, educators and managers.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Increase knowledge on courage, exploring types of courage and definitions of courage
  • Heighten self-awareness of own courage
  • Build meta-knowledge of own past courageous acts, to be accessed when needed for future courageous acts
  • Broaden perspectives on courage through sharing stories with others
  • Experience an appreciative discussion that may be used in future

Working with Pamela as the translator meant that the workshop was able to be highly interactive.  The strength of connection between Pamela and the participants, and Pamela and I, made the discussions seamless. Well, almost … As this was the end of the day in Peru and Pamela had been teaching all day, she was somewhat weary. At one point, she was speaking English to the students and Spanish to me! We were lost in translation … and all of us laughed out loud!  We shared, learnt and played together.

I am looking forward to receiving feedback from the participants, which Pamela is collecting.  Some initial feedback from one of the participants was that she “valued my authenticity.”  Authenticity is one of my signature strengths and I am grateful for the opportunity to use this strength in my facilitation and coaching.

I am so looking forward to the next opportunity in Peru!

If you’d like to know more about insium’s “My Courageous Self” workshop please be in touch:  @CourageChick

 Note:  Pamela and I studied the Master of Applied Positive Psychology together at the University of Melbourne.  As a result of her studies, Pamela and her team have developed three workshops to build knowledge in positive psychology in Peru:  Psicologia Positiva Peru


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