(2 minute read, plus 4 minute video, plus reflection)

I have watched this video, Haunting photos of ice by Camille Seaman, many times and the beauty of icebergs always takes my breath away.  I am also awed by Camille’s incredible storytelling which adds further majesty to her photographs.

As Camille explains, she is trying to demonstrate that humans are not separate from nature and that everything is interconnected.  As I watch and listen, I can only agree.  Camille’s photographs show that each iceberg truly has its own individual personality and has a distinct way of interacting with its environment and experiences.  We too have unique personalities which impact how we respond to experiences.  Each of us adapts in our own way to the environment, to changing environments – like icebergs, some of us “refuse to give up” as others “crumble in a fit of dramatic passion.”

Just as icebergs are built over time, one snowflake on top of another snowflake, year after year, we too are built over time, developing to be the unique individuals that we are.  As icebergs nourish life, we each have our own ways to nourish those around us, including the environment.

melting away

What does this mean for you?  Consider:

  • How do you show your unique personality?
  • How do you courageously demonstrate authenticity in your experiences with your environment?
  • How does courage help you adapt when needed?
  • How do you foster interconnection? High quality connections?  What benefits are realised for you in doing so?  For others?
  • How often do you stop – even just for the second required to take a breath – to watch and listen? To be? To be awed?

Enjoy viewing the awesome photographs and the amazing video of an iceberg rolling!


Photos by @CamilleSeaman

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