Opening Doors

(2 minute read, plus reflection as needed)

We were fortunate to enjoy the ambience and beauty that is Point Leo Estate and Sculpture Park recently.  The Sculpture Park includes a vast collection of remarkable works from Australian and international artists, set amongst a backdrop of vines, gardens, cows and ocean.

Peter Tilley’s cast iron and steel sculpture “Dreams of Ordinary People” caught my eye.  The figure in this sculpture stands in front of an open doorway.  Is this figure anticipating what may be through the doorway?  Does this figure know what’s on the other side?  What impact might knowing or not knowing have on emotion?  Perhaps this figure is filled with excitement or hope for what might be on the other side.  Perhaps fear or dread.  Perhaps apathy.

What might be the magnitude of risk associated with stepping through this door?  What is the benefit of stepping through the doorway?  Will the benefits outweigh the risks?  What impact will emotions, perceived risk and benefits have on willingness to step through the doorway?

My purpose is to “open doors.”  These may be doors that we are aware of, unaware of, or that we have discounted.  These may be doors that we have intentionally and firmly shut, or doors that may still be ahead of us.  We may be eager to step through some of these doorways or we may be hesitant.

As you walk towards your own doors – from your past, present and future – I encourage you to reflect on the questions above as you consider whether you will open these doors and/or step through the doorways (perhaps for a second time).  Be sure that you have people around you to support you as needed.

My purpose is to “open doors,” inviting my clients to courageously step through their doorways with me, discovering and soaking up what’s on the other side; honouring the other side, whatever we may find and in turn, honouring self.


Sculpture by Peter Tilley.

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