Thanks Mum

(~2 minute read plus references)

I have been declaring that I will write a letter of gratitude to my Mum for quite some time, and with Mother’s Day in a few days, I thought it fitting to do so now.  I have finally plucked up the courage to do so … now.  Why do I need courage?  Because I feel a little vulnerable in my declaration … I don’t think Mum will reject it.  But, might she deflect it, reciprocate it or accept it?*

Dear Mum,

 I am grateful for many things that you have taught me, encouraged in me and done for me. 

 I am grateful for your listening without judgement. Over the years, you have held space for me that has helped me come to my own decisions and actions.  And even though I suspect that at times my decisions may have been contrary to the decisions you would have made in the same situation, you have always been there to support me. 

 Your actions have always spoken louder than your words. Through your actions, you have encouraged and inspired me to be strong, to speak up, to be courageous, to live life to the fullest, to dream as big as I want and, especially, to be me.  To provide balance, your actions have also highlighted the importance of humility, respect and care for others.  Your actions have taught me that there is opportunity for everyone to be the best they can be.

 And for this and more, I am very grateful.  I am grateful for all you have taught me and for your loving me unconditionally.  I aspire and dream to be just like you, because you are remarkable.

 Love you, Dini x

Mum and I

This writing experience has filled my heart. I plan to hand deliver this to Mum and ask her to read it while I’m there.  I hope it fills her heart too.  I hope Mum accepts this … and savours* it too.



“To feel thankful and have the ability to notice the good things around you is a powerful psychological tool for happiness.  Gratitude increases life satisfaction, happiness, and resilience.” ~Professor Lea Waters


* How do you accept compliments/gratitude?  Do you:

  • Reject it?
  • Deflect it?
  • Reciprocate it?
  • Accept it?
  • Savour it?                              Professor James Pawelski, Philosopher



  • Gratitude Interventions: A Review & Future Agenda, by T. Lomas, J.J. Froh, R.A. Emmons, A. Mishra & G. Bono, in The Wiley Blackweel Handbook of Positive Psychological Interventions, Edited by A.C. Parks & S.M. Schueller, 2014
  • Nurturing the Capacity to Savour: Interventions to Enhance the Enjoyment of Positive Experiences, by J.L. Smith, P.R. Harrison, J.L. Kurtz & F.B. Bryant, in The Wiley Blackweel Handbook of Positive Psychological Interventions, Edited by A.C. Parks & S.M. Schueller. UK:  John Wiley & Sons, 2014
  • The How of Happiness, by S Lyubomirsky. UK:  Piatkus, 2010


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