More reflections on courage … by our guest bloggers


I recently re-read some of our guest blogs and was inspired, moved and motivated; these blogs helped me gain perspective on a particular work situation and put a spring back in my step!

I thought you might like to re-read these too, and I want to honour the stories and the people who wrote them … so I have collated them here for you:

We are grateful for our guest bloggers and the perspectives that they share.  We are always keen to hear your stories of courage too, because we know that the more we share our stories of courage, the more courage grows in the world. Would you like to be one of our guest bloggers?

Be sure to look out for our upcoming guest blog, “What I learnt from Adam Drake, Australian of the Year Nominee,” by Colleen Kavanagh.  This will be published on February 27th.

Hope to hear from you soon.  For now, enjoy your reading!,


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