What I learnt from Adam Drake, Australian of the Year Nominee

(~2 minute read.)


After reading Adam Drake’s interview, Colleen Kavanagh and I chatted at length about the positive impact that Adam has had on us both and also, what we have observed of the impact he has on others. 

Today, Colleen is our guest blogger, sharing her acknowledgement of Adam.

In Colleen’s own words …


There are people that you meet and you are changed immediately, such is the experience with Adam Drake.  I am so very grateful to have been in his orbit.

Adam has a number of extraordinary super powers.  His mighty super power is his capacity to be completely present to you when he is talking to you.

He is there, tuned into, listening with his head and his heart.  The eye contact is real.  The body language is connected to you.  His conviction, that what you are saying to him in that moment is important and special, is emphatic and real.

He has the skill that peak performance athletes have as well, he doesn’t appear to hurry. Plenty of time, no rush. It’s not just about working in Darwin, on Darwin time. He wants to know who you are and your story because he genuinely believes in the divinity of each of us. Adam holds each person is his heart and mind, in the firm belief that each of us have a purpose. Day after day he sees in each person the gifts that we bring that enrich each other’s lives.

It’s a safe place when you are talking to Adam. There is no judgement and there is humility. Trust builds fast, and you take risks with the things that you share. Then you receive the gift: he affirms you, how special you are, how grateful he is that you have shared the moment with him.  It comes from his belief that part of our purpose here is to look after each other.

I am grateful to have been in his orbit. He is authentic and real. In the modern world, it can be challenging to live with your heart open and to be vulnerable. Adam shows us that it is possible. And he shows us what is possible when you live your life that way.

Adam is proof that ‘what we practise we get good at.’  He practices vulnerability, humility, and seeing the good in everyone he meets. He is deserving of his nomination for 2019 NT Australian of the Year.  Adam would say that he is just doing his job.

Colleen is a facilitator, presenter, coach, mentor, and yoga teacher.  Her work is in developing your skills for positive relationships.  She can be contacted at colleen@resiliens.com.au.

If you’d like to reach out to Adam, please do call him on +61 488 266 950.  Colleen and I both know that he will give you his full attention.



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