Ego is the enemy of good leadership

black-ego-logo(~3 minute read.)
I read the following blog last week and thought I would share it with you as a gentle reminder of some of the things we can all do to keep our egos (which is not a dirty word; research shows that some ego is beneficial) in balance:  HBR: Ego is the enemy of good leadership.
The authors provide 3 key tips:
  1. Consider the perks and privileges offered to your role; which of these might you be willing to let go of?
  2. Work with people who have the confidence to speak up, who will engage in debate with you … rather than be agreeable and laugh at all your jokes.
  3. Make a habit of reflecting daily on who helped you be successful on that day.
Couple this with research that shows success often strengthens the undesirable side, or the dark side, of people’s personalities, and our ego runs the risk of deluded self-perception.
Sometimes we’re not aware that our egos have crept up on us; stopping and reflecting is a great practice to keep our eye on the balance.
It may take courage for you to do some of the above, or not.  It may take courage for others to help you keep your ego in balance.  It’s worth reflecting on …
“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” ~C.S. Lewis

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