We need to talk. I need to speak up.

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Courage is not only the domain of superheroes. Grateful to all our firefighters. (Theo Moudakis Cartoon)


Unfortunately the tone of this post is not as I intended to start the year.  And while I consider myself an optimistic and hopeful person, we need to talk about what is happening right now.  We need to talk about it so that action is taken – #Australiaisburning.

By now, you know of the bushfires that have been ravaging our beautiful land since October; the bushfires that are killing our animals in the hundreds of millions; the bushfires that have killed our fellow-Australians and have destroyed their homes and communities.  As I have been following the news, I can feel pain in my chest, my heart feels like it is literally breaking.  I also feel a bit of a pretender as I am safe in my city suburb.

I’ve been posting a lot of tweets about this emergency as I feel strongly that it is important to make noise about this, so that it is heard and action is taken by those who make decisions about Australia’s policy on climate change.

I have been inspired by the people who have taken action in this crisis – those who have shown leadership, those who have been courageous. These include people who have inspired funds to be raised, people who continue to give generously of their time, all the news crews, and especially the firefighters – Australian and from overseas.

These firefighters have shown so much courage, often fighting for 24+ hours at a time or with little rest in between shifts.  They have left their own loved ones and their own homes to protect others; they  have paused to ensure our wildlife is also protected.  I don’t have the words to express how grateful I am to these men and women who are doing all they can to protect Australian lands, animals, homes and ways of life.  I am also grateful to the families of our firefighters who watch and wait as their husbands, wives, partners, sons and daughters demonstrate courage in harrowing circumstances. (To the partners of volunteer firefighters, I see you, by Megan Blandford.)

They have left their own loved ones and their own homes to protect others; they  have paused to ensure our wildlife is also protected.

I am finding it hard to be positive, to find the learning that I encourage of others when times are tough, but here it is.  I realise I need to speak up and  continue to make noise about climate change for our land, for our animals, for our generations to come.  I also know that I need to continue to have discussions about building courage.  In community, government, education and corporate workplaces, we need our leaders to be courageous.

In 2020, what do you need to speak up about? To act on? How will you use your courage to make a difference in your community, in your workplace?



Inspired by the leadership of others, insium Pty Ltd will donate 5% of all January income to bushfire relief.

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