From bad comes good …

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LindaToday, our guest blogger is Linda Zanutta.  I have known Linda since we were children and our parents frequented the same Italian Club, the Fogolar Furlan.  We played netball together and as we got older we went to the same movie nights and discos at “The Club,” or as some people reading this post might know it, “The Fog.”

As happens, life took us in different directions, but a few years ago, I bumped into Linda again at “The Club,” and we subsequently connected via Facebook.  

Since Covid-19 lockdown in Melbourne, Linda has been posting a daily reflection on Facebook – “From bad comes good.”  A number of these posts have moved me in some way – whether a smile, a laugh out loud, a memory, a shift in perspective.  I asked Linda if she would share these here and she agreed.  I also asked Linda if she might write a few words as to why she started these posts.  What follows is her reflection on why and also the first 21 days.

In her own words …

All weekend, as I was asked, “What made me start From bad comes good,” I have pondered.

What did make me do it?

My first thoughts were like most of my life; no real reason but something so typically “Linda.” Just a little silliness that brings a smile and gets us through.

This didn’t seem enough and the thought was still heavy on my mind, so I cast myself back to Day 1 when I wrote something about people being nicer, and I remembered the warmth I felt as people I passed looked at each other and intentionally kept distance.  It was an overwhelming feeling of “I see you and I respect you but I will need to move away from you. Please realise this is not personal.”  And in return I felt – without words – that I responded, “Stay safe. We will get through this and at the other end there will be good effects.”

And that amazing feeling of being in a bad situation, but not alone; the universe has somehow seemed to make us united (day whatever) when I misspelt unity.

So I guess the instinct that made me start was that I had a voice; something that needed to be heard.  Some days silly; some days heartfelt; some days relating to some but not others.

“Stay safe. We will get through this and at the other end there will be good effects.”

I was getting likes on my Facebook and little comments; it felt good so I continued.  A few days in, I spoke to someone that knows me well and had a little giggle; she told me she liked them and asked, “How long can you keep it up?” “Too easy,” I told her (not really knowing if I believed this myself).

Then I passed a neighbour who said the nicest of things about getting her through, and a few other friends commented on them.  I hadn’t felt so good about myself in a long time.

I loved that during each day, something hits me and I stop and appreciate it, and I think, “this is what I will write about tonight.” Then some days another mountain of things come to me.  How long can I keep it up … forever.  It’s who I am; it’s the eyes I look through; it’s what makes my heart beat.

From bad comes good, Days 1 – 21:

Day 1. I am finding people nicer and friendly. There is an acknowledgment from passers-by as they keep their distance.

Day 2. Wearing so much less makeup, skin feeling and looking great.

Day 3. First Saturday in forever I haven’t felt like I was running around trying to get too much done. Not rushing, just a nice pace.

Day 4. Cheapest weekend I have had in ages.

Day 5. Has to be the traffic … for those of us still travelling to work, so light I have to put my mascara on before I leave home instead of at traffic lights.

Day 7.  As I think of what day I am up to, I realise no concept of time. That’s what’s good today.

Day 8. No one can give you a pinch and a punch for the first of the month.  Happy April peeps.

Day 9. Places smell more delightful. Was in Officeworks and thanks to all the constant cleaning, smelt great. nb. had to buy a computer bit to allow work from home. Stay happy peeps.

Day 10. Pets are so much happier as owners have more time to pamper.

Day 11. No making sure you get all the housework done in case someone comes over (not that I ever got it all done).

Day 12.  Jarmies or house pants as I call them are the norm.

Day 13 (lucky for some). We are all are cooking and experimenting more.

Day 14. As I go to put my sneakers back on to ride home, I realise I never put shoes on to work.

Day 15. Life just seems simpler.

Day 16. Guess as today I stop and think what will I write… it’s just that, time to stop and contemplate.

Day 17. IUnity

Day 18. Getting your moneys worth from Netflix.

Day 19. No hard decisions today about where to spend Easter.

Day 20. As I saw a piece of litter, I realised there was so much less litter around.

Day 21. No rushing around making sure we are ready for school tomorrow.



“When I see weeds growing through concrete or bricks I always think to myself … if this can happen love will find a way.”
– Linda Zanutta



Some basic facts about me:

  • I am a single mother of two but I now have a “silly sausage” stable boyfriend
  • I have basically lived in the same suburb all my life
  • I have worked at the same place (Accounts) for the past 10 years
  • I spent loads of my life in hospitality; I loved it and have so many good stories
  • I am the middle child of 3 girls
  • I am first generation to Italian migrants (one from the north, one from the south; I joke this is where my troubles began as it’s like oil and water)
  • I have great nieces, brothers-in-law and cousins. Sadly most of my beautiful aunts and uncles have passed

A little more about me … sadly I have lived some dark times but live long enough, and in today’s world it seems a lot of us do. I came out the other end; not that I won’t experience hard times or heartache again – there is no guarantee.  But I am grateful for all the people and things that got me through, especially the little things.

I was going to write that I am no one special, but I am, as we all are.

It’s who I am; it’s the eyes I look through; it’s what makes my heart beat.

Simple things I like:

  • Sleep – the place of rest and dreams
  • Baths and water in general – I once read all the answers are in the sound of water and often I reflect on this
  • Dirt – I love sitting in the dirt. I thought perhaps there was nothing better … then I discovered mud!

Dina, I have so much to say, but I will leave it there.

I would love to have anyone contact me for anything; I firmly believe in the universe and what is meant to be will be.  I can be contacted via:

  • Facebook: Linda Zanutta
  • Instagram: Linlooxx
  • Email: or

Dina, I have so much to say, but I will leave it there.

Linda 2

Linda, I am so grateful to you for your daily posts and for your reflection.  As I read these, I can hear your voice in these words.  Thank you for your authenticity, your vulnerability and your courage.  I am looking forward to reading and sharing “From bad comes good: Day 22 onwards …”

@CourageChick (otherwise known as Dina)


P.S.  You’re right, there is no Day 6 (and there’ll be two Day 26s in the next blog, “From bad comes good: Day 22 onwards …”).  Linda’s view: “I suppose it can show the world keeps going if we miss something or double up …”

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