From bad comes good II …

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A few weeks ago, we published Linda Zanutta’s “From bad comes good …”  Following are her continued reflections on our current Covid-19 lockdown. Days 22 – 42 …

In her own words …

Day 22. The petrol tank is lasting so much longer.

Day 23. The realisation that some of those things you thought you really wanted to do but didn’t have the time, really don’t interest you anymore.

Day 24.  First school week in forever no “out of uniform” text.

Day 26. Although some won’t go on planned holidays. as least we won’t miss those that would have been away.

Day 26. The sounds or lack of them … allowing us to rest and hear nature at work.

Day 27. Actually having time to read friends’ social media posts instead of just flicking them.

Day 28. Finding things in your hood of many years you never knew of.  Thanks for the thought Jack Thompson.

Day 29. We know where are kids are at night.

Day 31. Somehow each day feels somewhat like a Sunday.

Day 32. No more FOMO.

Day 33. Finding little treasures when having time to clean out little nooks.

Day 34. No need to put a coin in supermarket trollies.

Day 36. People asking you how are you? And actually wanting to know.

Day 37. More baby turtles are surviving the waddle to the water due to less peeps on the beaches.

Day 38. Old little dreams come true. Thanks Dina Pozzo and everyone for your comments. A beautiful day for me reading thoughts and spending time thinking about times shared.

Day 39. Have time to stare into nowhere for as long as you like, letting your thoughts float around.

Day 40. Having the time to watch the season change … autumn the most colourful month.

Day 41. No smelling bad odour of others in crowds.

Day42. Houses have never before been such homes.

Linda can be contacted on:

  • Facebook: Linda Zanutta
  • Instagram: Linlooxx
  • Email: or

200423 park run IMG_6047

“I love this shot.  Parkrun is part of me.
I am by no means a runner but the benefits of this weekly activity are priceless.”

Linda is on the far right in this photograph.  Each Saturday for more than 5 years, Linda has been going to Albert Park Parkrun and then to the South Melbourne Market.  While she does this mainly with her two friends Sam and Alex, at times their children, other family members and friends might run too.  This is the day she did her 250th run;
her t-shirt is on the way.

Thanks again Linda for bringing a huge smile to my face.  I look forward to reading and sharing more of your reflections.

@CourageChick (aka Dina)


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