Talking courage with a Wellness Writer and Yogi

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court sheehan 1Courtney Sheehan leads her life from a place of curiosity. She is passionate and open, has travelled the world multiple times, is a certified yoga teacher for both children and adults, and spends her days writing for wellness advocates, leaders and speakers. She currently lives in Barcelona, and has done so for the past 7 years. Originally hailing from the sunny shores of the Gold Coast, she loves to surf and is always on the lookout for the perfect wave.

Join us as Courtney shares her stories of courage.

How would you describe workplace courage?

I’ve realise courage is often called upon when we are at our most vulnerable or weakest. I believe crystal clear communication demands a significant amount of courage in the workplace and all facets of life really.

For me personally, having the strength and poise to express myself properly isn’t always easy. It can take a mountain of time, energy, research and guidance to really know when, why and how you wish to speak. And to know exactly what it is you want to say. To do so humbly, effectively and to the point is a skill that I’m continually working on.

Once you master your voice in your work environment, everything else flows from there.

court sheehan 3

What does courage look like in your workplace?

I work with creatives, so there is high need to talk about emotions, feelings, dreams and desires. It’s a lot more touchy feely than the typical corporate environment. I definitely tend to have one foot in the art world and the other in the corporate world and It’s important for me to feel comfortable and courageous in both.

Courage in the workplace looks like standing up for what you believe in, knowing your worth, listening with open ears and speaking your truth. And having the humility to admit when you are wrong.

Once you master your voice in your work environment, everything else flows from there.

Please describe 1-2 examples in which you have been courageous. What did you do? Who/what enabled you to be courageous?  What was the outcome?

I’ve always had the courage to try new things and specifically in the last few years, new professions. To explore a new career when you have zero idea what the journey looks like, what the outcome will be or if you’ll be able to pay your bills is somewhat terrifying. But they’ve been some of the best experiences I’ve ever had. You add a depth to your skillset that you never could have created otherwise and when you realise it’s all a game anyway, you may as well have fun along the way.

court sheehan 2In 2014 I moved to Spain in the name of love and began a relationship with a beautiful Spanish man that I’d met in Mexico the year before. It was probably one of the biggest decisions that I’d made and it required a whole lot of courage, not only in the moment, but also for every year since. It was and is still 100% worth it, we have an incredible relationship, but It’s not easy living away from home. There are so many things you miss out on – family time, friendships, support, birthdays, weddings, funerals – all of it. It’s difficult and your courage muscle certainly gets a workout. But what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger, right?

From your point of view, to what extent are our world leaders leading with courage?

Being a leader in this day and age is difficult. With the rise of social channels and severity of media culture, it’s almost impossible to be courageous without people trying to bring you down.

Often leaders need to go against the tide of popular opinion, which is never easy, but that is what inspires me most. It’s usually the not so well known leaders that I follow and who I aspire to emulate. The teenager in India fighting for human rights, the environmentalist educating the world on climate change, the volunteer demanding action.

The people that rise up, against all odds, and choose to lead the world to monumental change. That to me, is the bravest thing you could do.

If you would like to connect with Courtney, please do via

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The people that rise up, against all odds, and choose to lead the world to monumental change. That to me, is the bravest thing you could do. 

I’ve not had the chance to meet Courtney but I feel I already know her as I know her parents – Ted & Joy – and have met her sister and brother – Bree and Nicholas.  So, along with multiple emails exchanged between Courtney and I, and this interview with its strong messages, I feel I’m getting to know Court well.  I can’t wait to meet her and have long conversations about wellness and courage … perhaps at a future wellness retreat …


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