2019 Courage Conference

Leading with Courage
14-15 November 2019, Melbourne

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8:00am Registrations open
8:50am Attendees invited to take their seats
9:00 – 9.15am Welcome & introduction
Peggy Kern | Associate Professor, Centre for Positive Psychology
9.15-10.15am Keynote: Leading with Courage
Dina Pozzo |Lead Facilitator, Courage Conference; Founder of insium and Leading with Courage; certified facilitator of Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead ™ program
10.15-10.25am Courage in practice (& Courage Play)
An opportunity to practise the lessons from Dina’s keynote.
10.25 – 10.40am Courage Couch: Courage to change the world

As one of the world’s top-50 “badass women”, identified by America’s InStyle magazine, Sandra Capponi has shown courage on numerous occasions. She’s been courageous in the corporate world, helping NAB redirect its capital into ethical initiatives such as women-owned and Indigenous-owned businesses; she’s been courageous in her career leaving a fulltime role for a start-up as a co-founder of ethical fashion app Good on You; and she’s been courageous in her engagement with the world of fashion giving clothing companies an ethical rating.

Hosted by Lina Caneva, Journalist and Media Consultant

10.40 – 10.45am Courage in Practice
10.45 – 11.15am Morning tea
Be courageous – introduce yourself to someone new!
11.15-11.30am Courage Couch: Leadership and courageous conversations

Throughout her career, Jaime McCoy has been a champion of courageous conversations and always believed in the value of feedback. With a commitment to learning and development, Jaime will explore the role courage plays in being able to admit mistakes and identify areas for development. As a leading CEO, Jaime is also aware of the courage needed to succeed as a woman in the workplace, and the courage to tackle big issues in the community.

Hosted by Lina Caneva, Journalist and Media Consultant

11.30-11.35am Courage Play
11.35am – 12.35pm Courage 360 panel discussion
Exploring the role courage plays in corporate, government and non-profit settings from leading yourself to leading an organisation.The panel will include:

  • David Beguely | Non Executive Director; former CEO of Asahi Beverages
  • Kelly Beaumont | Social Entrepreneur, Co-founder The NonProfit Alliance, Business/ Leadership coach
  • Lindsay Oades PhD | Director, Centre for Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne
  • Sam Butcher | Managing Partner, Blackhall & Pearl

Hosted by Lina Caneva, Journalist and Media Consultant

12.35 – 12.45pm Courage in practice
An opportunity to practise the lessons identified in the Courage 360 panel
12.45 – 1.00pm Courage Couch: Training for courage

As a post graduate student Jak Hancock participated in Dina Pozzo’s Courageous Self Program. As a result, he built up his courage reserves to embark on a new chapter in his life, running his own business. With a focus on fitness and wellbeing training, Jak understands the important role courage plays in taking on and tackling big roles; and the importance of courage in all aspects of our lives.

Hosted by Lina Caneva, Journalist and Media Consultant

1.00-2.00pm Lunch and networking
2.00-2.10pm Courage play
2.10-2.25pm Courage couch: A world of courage

  • Marianne Roux | Consulting Executive / Practice Professor, Roux Consulting

With a keen interest in developing women and alleviating poverty, Professor Marianne Roux has observed courage in a range of contexts around the world. With the courage to find her own voice, and help others find their voice, Marianne is a researcher who also runs her own global leadership and transformation consulting firm operating across Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Her research and work focus on organisations, leaders and human resource functions in the new world of work.

Hosted by Lina Caneva, Journalist and Media Consultant

2.25-3.00pm Courage in practice
BRAVING Trust: Brené Brown’s seven elements of trust
3:00 – 3.15pm Courage couch: Empowering marginalised women

Back in Australia after an incredible – and life changing – journey which saw her visit Dublin, Monte Carlo, Paris, London, Belize, Denver, Ennis and Nepal, Stephanie Wollard OAM has been using courage to change the world. The UN Award Winner for Responsible Business is passionate about creating enterprises with generous, talented people, which equip those who live on the margins with the skills they need to thrive and become leaders in their communities.

Hosted by Lina Caneva, Journalist and Media Consultant

3.15 – 3.35pm Afternoon tea
3.35-3.55pm Courage couch: A day in the life

  • Kaye Grant | Director – Strategy & Operations, BMS
  • Nicole Good | Head of Sales – Innovative Medicines, BMS

It takes a courageous individual to hand over decision making to a colleague. Likewise, it takes courage to make decisions on behalf of that person while they’re sitting across the table from you. As part of an organisational leadership initiative, Kaye and Nicole spent a day (or closer to three months) learning from each other. The duo will reflect on the courage to take advantage of bi-directional mentoring opportunities, and the courage to take the lead (formally and informally).

Hosted by Lina Caneva, Journalist and Media Consultant

3.55– 4.00pm Courage play
4.00 – 4.15pm Courage couch: Climate for courage

If there’s one area in society where courage is critical, it’s the global fight to combat climate change. Elizabeth Foley is using courage to help shape her work with the Climate Reality Project, an organisation dedicated to sharing the truth of climate disruption with communities around the world and empowering people with the knowledge and tools to help create a sustainable future. Elizabeth has also applied courage in her career, leaving corporate and consulting jobs to make a difference in the non-profit world.

Hosted by Lina Caneva, Journalist and Media Consultant

4.15-4.50pm Courage to take a stand
4.50 – 5.00pm Closing remarks
5.00-5.30pm Networking