Why my interest in courage?

I am reminded of quotes, videos, images, memories and more that have piqued my curiosity in courage and share these with you below.

Firstly, it was the study and subsequent design of the Authentic Leadership Program with colleagues that ignited my curiosity in courage.  I came across “Radical Gratitude and other life lessons learned in Siberia” by Andrew Bienkowski and Mary Akers.  The following quote from this book – “It takes courage to be your most authentic self when others all around you are acting and pretending to be what they think is expected of them” – not only sparked my curiosity but also that of many program participants, leading to robust exploration and debate of authenticity in context of the work environment in which one works – including the impact of organisational design, dynamics and politics to lead with authenticity.

When I look through the various videos that I have collected and used in various leadership and team development programs, I notice that the strong theme of courage comes through.  Also noticeable is that courage comes in all shapes and sizes.  Some of these videos follow; I hope you enjoy viewing and potentially, using these with your teams too, to generate discussion about courage and many more aspects of leadership:

Although a dog lover – we have two gorgeous Dalmatians – I’m generally not one for “cutesy” animal images.  However, the image above – which you will have seen here before – is one that embodies various aspects of courage for me, including: raising awareness of courage in self and others;  the subjectivity of courage; broadening perspectives on courage.  This image has led me to conclude – “We all have courage within; we just need a light shone on it.”  This image sits on my desk and galvanises me in times that I need to be courageous.  Thank you to Judy Hilton for sharing this image with me.

Finally, I cannot think of courage without thinking of my mum; she is one of the most courageous women I know.  I am grateful for where her courage has led us as a family and me as an individual. Thank you mum.

As we continue on our journey, exploring and sharing what it means to lead with courage and developing leaders to be courageous, it would be great to hear your stories of courage and about who and what inspires your courage.  Please be in touch.


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