PESA Victoria & My Courageous Self

(2 minute read)

The PESA Victorian Chapter Conference on the weekend was a great gathering of like-minded people who are committed to helping their students and staff to be their best self, to flourish, to be well.  It was so energising to participate in an environment of abundance and generosity, care for and interest in each other.

Therese Joyce, who was a keynote speaker, presented on “An Introduction to Positive Education,” and amongst the many key take-always was the message that “you need to start with your staff;” that is, teacher wellbeing is paramount to student wellbeing.

In addition to participating, I facilitated a short session on My Courageous Self, which was focused on teacher wellbeing.  Using an appreciative approach, participants explored their individual courageous acts of the past and considered how these can be used in future if and when needed.  Additionally, participants considered how they can apply their own experience in the session, with their own students.

Thank you PESA for the opportunity to participate.  I look forward to continuing to learn with you (love of learning happens to be one of my signature strengths!).


fullsizeoutput_6fbdWith Roz Rimes & Flash, and Marcia Ryan.


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