Courage, Happiness & Meaning in a Technological Age

(2 minute read; longer to reflect)

I recently attended a lecture on “Happiness and Meaning in a Technological Age,” by Dr Michael Steger, Director, Centre for Meaning and Purpose, Colorado State University.

A few key comments/questions posed by Michael, that have me reflecting include:

  • In this world in which incremental change and stability has ended, there is significant impact on demographics, climate, medicine and technology.
  • What’s our role in the future world? In the future world that is now.  We are already surrounded by the future.  We build this world, we create it, we live in it now.
  • Surprisingly, I realised that I interact with artificial intelligence now – e.g. using Siri on my iPhone, using a robot vacuum cleaner (we have 2 Dalmatians who shed hair every day of the year).  Which leads to …
  • How is technology changing our relationships/behaviour with each other?
  • Many people derive meaning from their work. What is the impact of technology in the workplace on individual meaning?

When I consider Michael’s work on the benefits of finding meaning and purpose in one’s life and one’s work, and his work above, it leads me to ask the following questions for my own reflection and for yours:

  • How do you live your purpose fully in this future world?  Where do you find meaning?
  • What role does courage play in living your purpose fully in this future world?
  • We have probably been considering how technology is changing our relationships and behaviour for some time, but are we acting on this or just thinking?  Do we have the courage to even think about it?  Do we have the courage to act?
  • How can you courageously explore this current future, to understand and identify how you can benefit from living your life with meaning?
  • How can your courageous acts of the past enable you in your current future?

I’m interested in what you think.


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