Courage in the news …

(~1 minute read plus articles)

If you are looking for “case-studies” of courage, you need look no further than Saturday’s news.  These articles will no doubt make for interesting discussion of:

  • What courage is/isn’t
  • The subjectivity of courage
  • Different forms of courage
  • How courage is contagious and more

The articles are:

A couple of my own thoughts on moral courage and the above articles:

  • With respect to the article about Prince Andrew: I say this with no judgement and with compassion; I do hope moral courage takes a stance in resolving the unresolved in this story.
  • With respect to the article about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in the Australian Football League: This is a courageous & worthy debate to raise. Courage has a tipping point into recklessness at one end of the continuum, & yes, into cowardice at the other. As a loyal Collingwood Football Club supporter, I love the game, but at what price?

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