From bad comes good III

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buttercup iv

Buttercup, helping Linda work from home.



Enjoy Linda Zanutta’s “From bad comes good …”.  Following are her continued reflections on our current Covid-19 lockdown; days 43 – 62 …

In her own words …


Day 43. Real estate dropped… buy a place quick.

Day 44. Coming home from work and your dinner is in the table.

Day 45. For new parents; being able to be selfish having fresh life all to themselves

Day 46. Finding new ways to exercise at home.  Boxing so gooood!

Day 47. Rekindling your love for the ABC.

Day 48. Just walking around ,no particular place to go, no particular time to be there.

Day 49. No pressure for fancy overpriced restaurant lunches for Mother’s Day. Just simply love.

Day 50. Getting to really know the people you live with.

Day 51. Feeling like you can sing as long as you like as not so many peeps around.

Day 52. So much easier to rubberneck.

Day 53. People having the time to do out of the ordinary things for you, like write a poem or send you a cute letter with seeds. Thanks to two extra special peeps.

Day 54. Having time to just lay on your bed and watch the day.

Day 55. Just sitting in a park for friend’s birthday as that is all you can do!

Day 57. People buying more Australian made products.

Day 58. Don’t need to watch the road as much thanks to light traffic and can enjoy the beautiful skies.

Day 59. Having time to do funny little things around your home to make those you live with smile.

Day 60. The realisation that anything can happen no matter how impossible it seems. Whoever would have thought the whole world would be in iso?

Day 61. People are paying more than charged for goods and services without being asked to help others. So kind.

Day 62. More time for long bubbly baths rather than quick showers.

Linda can be contacted on:

  • Facebook: Linda Zanutta
  • Instagram: Linlooxx
  • Email: or

I continue to be inspired by Linda’s reflections and look forward to them everyday.  I was trying to pick my favourite … too hard, all of Linda’s reflections evoke a smile, and feelings of hope and kindness.

@CourageChick (aka Dina)


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