Again … look where we find ourselves

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We’ve been lucky to follow Linda Zanutta’s reflections “From bad comes good …,” in which she shares her thoughts and feelings on the current COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.  The piece which follows is Linda’s reflection shortly after lockdown v2 went into affect in Melbourne; we are now in Stage 4 restrictions and I think this piece is even more pertinent. The photos are Linda’s … taken while walking in her ‘hood.

In her own words …



Again … look where we find ourselves.

As a believer in the Universe, I still ponder on “why?”

Perhaps we did not learn enough from the first lockdown?

Somehow I believe that time was to replenish the Earth and perhaps this time is for our souls and the empathy of others.


Each day or night, I walk and am amazed at how beautiful the world looks;

was it always so and we were all too busy to just feel

the fresh air on our faces and to look up into the beautiful skies?


Take a walk in your ‘hood around six; the feelings of “living” are overwhelming.

People actually inhabiting the beautiful spaces they worked hard to create.

The smells of dinners being made, homes aglow as people are still on their computers working, as they are no longer governed by the clock.


I imagine and hope that maybe throughout the day they have had many breaks – to talk to each other or play on their phones, to keep in touch, pat their pets, bake a cake and have a morning tea, watch and help their children learn.

Do some yoga, watch a bit of YouTube, do a puzzle .. oh and one of the best things … lose themselves in a book (in a bubbly bath).

What about the masks?

I have always been known by my smile … fear not peeps, I have tested this and my smile comes from my heart, so you can still “see” it.

Oh and you can hear me clearly but if you know me well, you will know there is never a fear of my not being heard.


Funny, the other day I thought, “What would I have done differently if not in iso,” and I realised, nothing …

“Enjoy” this time and find the good, no matter how small.

If you would like to connect with Linda, she would love to connect with you:

  • Facebook: Linda Zanutta
  • Instagram: Linlooxx
  • Email: or

Linda, every time I see an email from you in my inbox, I smile from ear-to-ear.  I am so grateful for the perspective and happiness you have brought me. I imagine I echo the thoughts and feelings of many others.

To make your smile even broader … introducing Linda’s new family member,
Sir Wesley Pickles … 
who is just adorable.

Sir Wesley Pickles
Be well,



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