Talking courage with a Senior Medical Director

~30 minute recording.

Paul Slade is a UK-trained infectious diseases physician who, after time spent in clinical practice and academia, has now had over 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience working for three large multi-national pharmaceutical companies, working in the UK, Belgium, France, the USA and Australia.

Five years ago Paul joined Gilead Sciences where he is currently Senior Medical Director and a statutory director of the local companies.

He has also taken on a number of stretch assignments such as Acting General Manager in 2019, and COVID/Remdesivir medical lead for  Australia/New Zealand, Belgium, Netherlands, the Nordic countries, Israel, Switzerland and Austria in 2020.

Today our leading with courage interview is coming to you in a different format. Not quite a podcast, but a recorded interview none-the-less; please click on the video to the right to listen to Paul’s stories of moral courage, including stories about the courage he has needed in his role during this pandemic.

A favourite quote of Paul’s.

Paul’s most asked question of his team.

The second most asked question by Paul, of his team.

If you’d like to connect with Paul and learn more, he can be contacted via:

I have been fortunate to work with Paul and his team for the past 4 years exploring everything from purpose and vision, to leading strategically, to staying ahead of the game and more. In all interactions he demonstrates authentic and empathic leadership. In all my interactions with Paul, I learn something new for which I am grateful. Paul, thank you for being a part of our courage community.


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