Leading Self with Courage: #STEMsidebyside

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(~1 minute read plus 5 interviews)

veski’s STEM sidebyside program, which includes Stamina and Leading the Way, was launched on Thursday, May 30, with 44 new participants who you can meet here.

As a result of the excellent feedback received in 2018, we’re excited to be facilitating our Leading Self with Courage workshop again in July.  The key aim of this highly practical workshop is to heighten self-awareness of own courage.

Participants will be invited to join in an appreciative discussion designed to build meta-knowledge of own past courageous acts, and will develop a plan to access this knowledge in future when needed. Additionally, through sharing stories, participants will broaden their own perspectives on courage.

I was inspired by many of the participants of 2018, and we have been fortunate that some of these participants have generously shared their stories of courage with us. If you’d like to read their stories, please click on the links below:

I invite additional 2018 participants to share their stories, and I am looking forward to exploring courage with the 2019 participants and hearing their stories too.  Remember, #courageiscontagious.


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