7 more days …

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Last Thursday morning, before lockdown #4  was announced in Melbourne, I felt a real sense of foreboding, of dread.  At the time, I suspected that I’d felt these emotions in the past but couldn’t remember when. I was quite surprised that I felt this way and by the intensity of these emotions.  Knowing the importance of all emotions, I sat – and it felt like I was sitting in quick sand – in the vulnerability of it all, not knowing where that day’s press conference nor where these emotions would lead me.  

We know the press conference led to 7 days of lockdown.  Where did the emotions lead me?

Looking at Melbourne from Elwood, May 29, 2021. #beauty #appreciation

They led me to be determined to reflect on what I appreciate and the beauty around me every day; this has helped me embed positivity in my day (even if, at times, it is for only a part of my day).

They led me to reminisce. I have a blank wall behind me in my office and I always notice just how blank it is when on virtual calls.  So through reminiscing, I have identified a few photos of wonderful memories that I will have printed and framed, so that they can be hung behind me.  (You can ooh and aah about them when we catch up virtually.)

These emotions have also led me to re-read some of the interviews and guest blogs which can be found at our Leading With Courage website.  These interviews and blogs have inspired and moved me.  They have helped remind me of the courage that we do have and that with this courage, we can create the world we want to live in; we can be the catalyst for the changes we hope for. These interviews and blogs have also helped me gain perspective and appreciate what I have, rather than focus on what I don’t have, and I am enormously grateful for that.

These emotions have also led me to tears a couple of times over the past few days, including this morning when I was laughing and crying at the same time while watching this post, tweeted by Patricia Karvelas.  The laughter and tears have reminded me of the importance of self-care and self-compassion, and to act on these; I now have a sticky note  beside me that reads, “be kind to yourself” and I’m going to participate in a virtual Bollywood dance class on Saturday with Shalini who says she has 2 left feet … but does she?!  Tace, you’ll see me signing up for more of your zoom Pilates classes too!

So, overall, the emotions of foreboding, dread and surprise have led me to focus on my wellbeing, both psychological and physical. And that’s a good thing.  These emotions have led to actions that will hold me in good stead for 7 more days … and that’s a good thing too.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your wellbeing, I can recommend a number of resources; right now, I’d like to recommend three of my most favourite children’s books as I think we can learn a lot from these:

  • “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse,” by Charlie Mackesy which has so many lessons of courage, hope, love, kindness and more
  • “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!,” by Dr Seuss which opens us up to possibility and strength
  • “The Thinks You Can Think!,” also by Dr Seuss which opens our minds to being curious 

I can also recommend a number of resources that focus specifically on building wellbeing; let  me know if you’d like to know more about these.  Also, if helpful for you, get in touch; I’m always up for a chat.

Remember, we may be #physicallyisolated, but let’s make sure we are #sociallyconnected.

Take care. Be well. Be safe,


(aka @CourageChick)

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