Stories of courage by inspiring women

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We know that we’re inspired to courage on learning of the courageous stories of others. We now have more than 100 stories – whether these be interviews, blogs or guest story-tellers at our yearly Courage Conferences.

In honour of International Women’s Day, following are the stories of inspirational and courageous women who have shared their stories with me in the past 12 months. Find yourself a comfy spot, perhaps with a view, and enjoy:

  • Alicia Stephenson, Courageous conversations; Alicia provided the following advice – if someone has erupted at you, allow that person to stuff up multiple times when responding to your curiosity about their eruption
  • Nikki Clarkson, Courage and accountability; Nikki recommended reaching for courage on a day-to-day basis
  • Peta Sitcheff, Courage is a choice; Peta shared her courageous choice to leave a career that was negatively impacting on her wellbeing
  • Loane Avenell, The courage to take a chance on people; Loane had the courage to take a chance on someone and realised it brought the best out in them and her
  • Jan Meehan, Talking courage with a lover of radio; Jan spoke of the importance of encouragement
  • Diana Caruso, Courage; Diana inspired with her aspiration to reach the “yet” which allows her to keep growing
  • Me, 7 more days; I was reluctant to include this link; then, I remembered that not only are we inspired to courage on hearing the courageous stories of others, but we are also inspired to courage when we take the time to reflect and understand when we have been courageous in our own past
  • Sarah Louise Gandolfo, Courage: the word that started it all; Sarah Louise’s word for 2020 was courage
  • Georgia Jans, Reflections on life after leaving corporate; Georgia shared her story about fulfilling her calling
  • Leanne Camilleri, Hello, I’m Leanne and I’m a positive deviant; Leanne offered that success is dependent on how much of self you put into your goals
  • Julia Steel, Talking courage with an author; I wholeheartedly agree with Julia – “many of us are more courageous than we give ourselves credit for”

I’m keen to hear of what you have learnt from these stories, and if you’re keen, I’d be honoured to share your story too. 

You will find many more stories – in fact more than 90 additional stories – on this website. Happy reading and listening.

Be the courage you wish to see in the world (apologies to Mahatma Gandhi).

Happy International Women’s Day,


aka @CourageChick

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