Talking courage with a lover of radio

~30 minute recording.

Jan Meehan started her career in radio in the early 80’s as the record librarian; she was appointed Music Director a couple of years later at the age of 23 and was recognised as the youngest and first female executive in radio.  She didn’t work in radio, she had a love affair with radio for over 3 decades, holding many positions from Music Director, Assistant Program Director, Marketing & Promotions Director and Sales Director.

After having two children in the early 90’s, she joined a Melbourne-based PR company as their General Manager and spent 5 years with them before returning to continue her romance with radio joining the ARN Network.  11 years ago, she found the courage to take a leap of faith and backed herself to start BossMan Media; she has loved every minute of Dreaming it, Creating it & Marketing it since!

In this recorded interview, I am excited to be speaking all things courage with Jan; you’ll hear Jan’s stories and learn of her perspectives of courage, including the importance of encouragement and engagement, and having to make some tough calls; her energy is contagious.

If you’d like to connect further with Jan, she can be contacted at Find out more about BossMan here and the impactful work they do here.

I was fortunate to meet Jan a couple of years ago when we spoke for ages about courage – what it is, the need for it, and how we might build and harness it.  I came away from our conversation energised and inspired, and wanted the opportunity to share this same energy and inspiration with you. I hope you have enjoyed this interview as much as I did. Jan, thank you for being a part of our courage community.


2 thoughts

  1. Jan
    Great interview You did pay attention to Mr Little at Toorak Central.
    Love RESPECT
    Cheers to Peter
    Michael Jeffreson x


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